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TwentyEighty Strategy Execution has partnered with Duke Corporate Education and launches the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

This May, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution announced its partnership with Duke Corporate Education, a world-class provider of global leadership solutions, ranked in the top 3 by the Financial Times in Custom Executive Education for 16 consecutive years. The partnership, which blends decades of academic and professional expertise, will reach a broad audience beyond traditional project and programme managers.

Together, Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education are launching their Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme, which focuses on developing leaders of project-based work as they navigate unanticipated market shifts and unpredictable industry disruptions.

Leaders of project-based work at every level of the organisation must have the right skill sets, adaptive approach, and responsive mindset to help them and their organisations navigate an increasingly complex and collaborative environment. Each course in the new curriculum is purposefully designed to extend the mindset, toolset, and skill set of the project-based work leader to navigate these three domains in increasingly complex contexts.

There will be eight courses within this curriculum. Additional titles will be added as they become available. Upon successful completion of the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme, students will receive a certificate from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Out of the eight courses, two foundational courses and four electives must be completed to qualify for an Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme certificate.

Download an Overview of the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

Learn More About the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

Aligning Work
with Strategy

Learn how to align your own work with the organisation’s strategy, how to influence strategy and provide feedback within a complex environment.

without Authority

Break influence down into a series of learnable skills to build credibility and networks, and resolve performance challenges.

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There are five major multipliers that today’s project leaders must master in order to keep their projects on task, on scope and on budget.

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