Avoiding Scrap Heap Projects


Many a well-conceived project ends up in the scrap heap because of inadequate expectation setting, or sponsors and key stakeholders who become disinterested or impatient with projects that don’t produce deliverables quickly enough. These projects, after creating an initial buzz, appear to enter ‘a dark twisty tunnel’ where the light ...

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The Out Of Control Project Manager


As project managers, we typically like to be in control. However, the reality of the situation is that we simply can not control everything. We can plan to our heart’s content—but rarely is a project executed and delivered exactly as we had planned. In this article we will explore how ...

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The Project Manager as a Coach


Most project managers who have received any training at all have undoubtedly heard about the need to delegate. As we cannot manage significant projects and perform all necessary tasks ourselves, delegation is an absolute must to expand one’s capabilities as a project manager. Smart project managers, however, go beyond delegating; ...

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Using Control Limits on Your Project


The purpose of all control is to keep variance within an acceptable range. Variance is defined as the difference between what is planned and what is actually achieved. Variance = Plan – Actual. A project with a planned budget of $100,000 is accomplished at an actual cost of $120,000. The ...

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Getting More Out of Your Project Team


Teams represent one of the most powerful mechanisms for achieving significant results in organisations today. Much has been learned about the development and implementation of teams over the past few years. We have seen what works, what doesn’t and the best approach for developing and nurturing teams. A new class ...

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Supporting Agile – A PMO’s Checklist


As the role of the PMO increasingly focuses on aligning the tactical and strategic aspects of the organisation to drive optimal business value, the traditional notion of measuring its success is no longer just about project delivery. Instead, the PMO must demonstrate performance improvement, benefits and business value realisation. Introducing ...

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