The Project Manager and Sustainability through Project Management


As Project Managers we are in a unique position to ensure that the sustainability of our environment, in a multitude of areas is addressed by deploying an organization’s strategy on sustainability through project management. It is increasingly evident that individuals and corporations are becoming more aware of the need to ...

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Top 3 “reductions” from one-to-one coaching


  Choosing the right strategy to develop key business skills for employees is notoriously challenging, and it seems that every time we visit LinkedIn or open a business magazine, the range of development options available has changed again. What was just recently the “next big thing” quickly becomes old news ...

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Monetising the PMO


  A PMO costs! It is obvious; there is the money to staff and to run the PMO together with any incurred operational expenses and systems investments and, when the PMO interfaces with other parts of the organisation – as it should, there is associated cost to that time and ...

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The Essential Hallmarks of a Project Leader


  What makes a good project manager? What makes a great project leader? In this guest post, Martin Webster shares what he believes are four essential hallmarks of a project leader, and introduces some critical skills, thinking and behaviours for leading projects. By and large it is our failures that ...

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Recognising 5 Early Project Warning Signs


We see warning signs every day, such as “Wet Paint” or “Do Not Enter.” Such signs are common reminders to be careful. The earlier we heed their advice, the better off we’ll be because time is a resource when it comes to dealing with warning signs. For example, when asked ...

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The Project Management CV


I have been tremendously fortunate to work with CIOs, patented engineers, serial entrepreneurs, award-winning authors, and other amazing talent throughout my career.   I have also been able to work on a broad spectrum of projects from software/product development,  IT Service Delivery, and even go-to-market/scalability initiatives for start-ups.  I share this ...

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7 Ways To Develop Your Project Management Skills


You are responsible for your project management skills. Not your manager. Not your company. It’s all on you to build skills or lose them. Do you remember the principle of entropy from your science classes? Simply put, order tends to degenerate into disorder. Your skills and abilities tend to decay ...

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Junior Business Analyst Skillsets


If you’re looking to pursue a role in business analysis there are core competencies – the ability to do the job – that you need to take a look at. Within each competency area there are also a number of tools, techniques and processes that enable you to do that ...

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Misnomers of Waterfall Project Management


While an iterative approach to managing projects is not new, the Agile movement has certainly been powerful over the past few years. It seems every organization and job posting lists agile methodology as a requirement. Additionally, if you bounce around the blogosphere you will notice there is no shortage of ...

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What are the Root Causes of Business Analyst and Project Manager Tensions?

Are PM's blinkered?

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a rapid expansion of business analysis in projects. As a consultant working with companies across the globe, I’ve noticed a corresponding rise in the levels of tension between the key people leading projects, especially between project managers (PMs) and business analysts (BAs). In some ...

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