The Intrapreneurial Business Analyst

The role of the BA is transitioning from a humble ‘Taker of Requirements’ into a Leader, an Innovator and a Disruptor and this year’s conference presented a myriad of exciting new areas including the Agile BA, design thinking visual modelling, as well as creativity, innovation and leadership. The BA Europe ...

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Why Good Strategies Fail?

In the Leadership and Strategy Execution in a Chaotic World session attended by project leaders as part of our series of Strategy Execution road show events, there was a discussion about why an organisation’s strategies fail. There are a number of categories; there is the formulation and structure of the ...

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The Value of Communication on Business Success

In our previous blog, why it’s critical to measure a project’s strategic impact, we touch on how better communication across all levels allows project leaders to drive productive conversations across different departments and across all roles. This week we look into the reasons why communication is so valuable to business success. Being an ...

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Six Ways to Improve Business Performance

In recent weeks we have covered the strategic importance of projects, how to measure and report their impact and the leadership skills that are essential to execute these projects. (You can find these blogs in our Strategy Execution archive.) That is because, in today’s complex and competitive business environment, projects aligned with ...

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The PMO Leadership Role

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution are hosting the PMO Flashmob later this month with an evening session all about the PMO Leadership Role. The evening session takes place at 2080’s Bishopgate offices and anyone with an interest in PMO and PMO Leadership issues are invited to attend. Find out more information via ...

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How to Improve Resistance to Change

Whatever strategic project you are working on, it’s going to have an impact on someone. Strategic, transformative change requires you to be on top form with your influencing skills because doing things that change the status quo feels uncomfortable to most people. Part of your project management role is creating ...

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