How to create a project budget

Project Budgets

Creating a project budget revolves around being able to identify all the items that are going to cost money so you can build a complete picture of what you need to spend. I have left items out of several project budgets and I can tell you that it’s pretty embarrassing ...

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Victim or Victor – Taking Control as a Project Manager


“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings” (Julius Caesar, Shakespeare (I,ii)) In the current business climate, it is not unusual to hear the following complaints from project management practitioners – project managers, core team members, and even sponsors: I am having ...

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7 Things Your Project Sponsor Should Be Doing For You

Project Sponsors

All projects should have a project sponsor, and this person is normally already in post by the time you are asked to manage the project. You don’t often (or ever) get to choose your project sponsor so you have to work with who you get! But what should you look ...

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Top Five Skill Areas for a PMO Analyst

PMO Analyst

A PMO Analyst is someone who works within a PMO (Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office) and is considered to be more experienced than a Project Support Officer. The roles have similarities – they are both supporting project management within an organisation and the PMO Analyst will have similar skill ...

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The PMO Business Case


I had the opportunity to speak at an IT conference in Europe on the topic of the “PMO Business Case”.  Recognising it is always dangerous to assume who the audience is and their experiences I prepared a presentation on the basis of exploring some of the challenges of gaining organisational ...

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The 4 Big Issues In Project Management Today


Every so often project management goes through a phase where certain big issues pop out and you see them discussed everywhere. A while back it was project management offices. In the past I’ve noticed ongoing debates about benefits, ethics, processes, stakeholder management and so on. They are the sort of ...

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How To Build A Project Scorecard


  A balanced scorecard is a way to monitor progress against a set of key, agreed measures. Companies typically have goals to focus on each year, such as revenue growth or health and safety targets. It’s called a balanced scorecard because there are different measures on it and the company ...

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5 Tips for Project Documentation


  Whether it’s a statement of work, a business case or project requirements, there are lots of documents produced by projects. And it falls to the project manager to produce most of them, or at least oversee and co-ordinate their production. Documents are mainly used for communicating: upwards to senior ...

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Top 3 “reductions” from one-to-one coaching


  Choosing the right strategy to develop key business skills for employees is notoriously challenging, and it seems that every time we visit LinkedIn or open a business magazine, the range of development options available has changed again. What was just recently the “next big thing” quickly becomes old news ...

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Monetising the PMO


  A PMO costs! It is obvious; there is the money to staff and to run the PMO together with any incurred operational expenses and systems investments and, when the PMO interfaces with other parts of the organisation – as it should, there is associated cost to that time and ...

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