Seven Steps to Becoming a Risk Superhero

Light Clothing

Risk management can be a deep, cavernous and potentially career-limiting endeavour if not properly planned. Unfortunately, project managers often approach risk in a purely one-dimensional fashion, without considering many essential components such as the company risk climate, the project’s strategic fit, key player and stakeholder involvement and buy-in. Ensuring risk ...

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Six Reasons Why Organisations Find it Difficult to Hire Project Managers


36% of respondents claimed that small projects were difficult to staff, 67% of respondents claimed difficulties for staffing medium-size projects and 88% of respondents claimed staffing difficulties for large-scale projects. These are the latest figures from ESI’s Project Management Talent Survey 2014 Report which was launched last week at PMI’s ...

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The Project Management Talent Survey 2014 Report


ESI launch their new project management talent report to coincide with PMI’s Synergy event in Central London today. The inaugural UK project management talent survey conducted by ESI International aimed to uncover career trends specific to the profession. While the survey had over 1,270 respondents from the project management profession ...

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PMO Research – What is it Really Telling Us?

PMO Research

Working within the project management field today and you can’t fail to see mention of a PMO. It is an entity that has successfully divided opinion across the profession. Those supporters who believe an organisation cannot execute projects without one and those that call for their disbandment based on ruinous ...

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Project Management – What’s new, what’s old and what works

PMI Synergy

It’s a simple headline that forms the theme of this year’s PMI Synergy event in London next week. ESI are sponsoring the event and will be there chatting to over 800 UK and European project practitioners who are registered to attend. If you have never been to a Synergy event ...

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The Recipe For Project Success

The successful project management recipe

There was a segment on a radio programme recently about cheese on toast. The commentators – all professional chefs – each had their own recipe but the general consensus was that cheese on toast is not restaurant food. It’s the kind of food that you make at home and everyone ...

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How to create a project budget

Project Budgets

Creating a project budget revolves around being able to identify all the items that are going to cost money so you can build a complete picture of what you need to spend. I have left items out of several project budgets and I can tell you that it’s pretty embarrassing ...

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Victim or Victor – Taking Control as a Project Manager


“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings” (Julius Caesar, Shakespeare (I,ii)) In the current business climate, it is not unusual to hear the following complaints from project management practitioners – project managers, core team members, and even sponsors: I am having ...

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7 Things Your Project Sponsor Should Be Doing For You

Project Sponsors

All projects should have a project sponsor, and this person is normally already in post by the time you are asked to manage the project. You don’t often (or ever) get to choose your project sponsor so you have to work with who you get! But what should you look ...

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Top Five Skill Areas for a PMO Analyst

PMO Analyst

A PMO Analyst is someone who works within a PMO (Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office) and is considered to be more experienced than a Project Support Officer. The roles have similarities – they are both supporting project management within an organisation and the PMO Analyst will have similar skill ...

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The PMO Business Case


I had the opportunity to speak at an IT conference in Europe on the topic of the “PMO Business Case”.  Recognising it is always dangerous to assume who the audience is and their experiences I prepared a presentation on the basis of exploring some of the challenges of gaining organisational ...

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The 4 Big Issues In Project Management Today


Every so often project management goes through a phase where certain big issues pop out and you see them discussed everywhere. A while back it was project management offices. In the past I’ve noticed ongoing debates about benefits, ethics, processes, stakeholder management and so on. They are the sort of ...

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How To Build A Project Scorecard


  A balanced scorecard is a way to monitor progress against a set of key, agreed measures. Companies typically have goals to focus on each year, such as revenue growth or health and safety targets. It’s called a balanced scorecard because there are different measures on it and the company ...

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