What Comes First: The Process or the People?


Designing a new process invigorates an organisation with the promise of something new, something that will fix a vexing problem and some new ‘way of doing things’ that will make the employees gush with gratitude.  Unfortunately, the process becomes the jewel in the crown as the people get left behind. ...

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Leadership and Communication Skills for the IT Project Manager


Over the past few years, the pace of technological change has accelerated considerably with organisations turning to new innovations. At such a juncture, it is paramount that IT leaders think strategically on how to manage their workforce to ensure they are well-equipped to adapt, respond and deliver in line with ...

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How To Delegate Project Tasks


I find myself starting a lot of sentences: “Could you just…no, don’t worry, I’ll do it.” That’s because finding a document, reviewing a file, preparing the draft of a presentation and a hundred other small project tasks feel as if they would take longer to explain than for me to ...

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What do I need to know about project management?


“How can I get into project management?” is the most common question I get asked by people who want to begin working within this field. Often they will have been working in another field and had a taste of what I would call ‘informal’ projects. They will have been managing ...

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What do people value about your PMO?

PMO Value

One of the perennial problems for a Project Management Office is justifying the value that they offer the business. Over the years we’ve seen the fashion for PMOs increase and wane and while I don’t think anyone disputes that a good PMO is a value-add to any business, there is ...

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Why the PMO is like a Town Hall

PMO town hall

Here’s a little exercise for you.  Grab a piece of paper and a box of wax crayons and draw me a picture of the Loch Ness Monster. Sure it doesn’t exist in any tangible form but you know of it and you can give me your interpretation… Three humps, water, ...

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Changing the Project Manager and Business Analyst Relationship

Project Managers and Business Analysts

Business Analysis is growing fast. As requirements for projects and programmes become ever more complex, the role of the Business Analyst is becoming a permanent fixture in the project team. In our latest webinar we explored the relationship between the Project Manager and the Business Analyst: Productive Partnership or Conflicted ...

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Top Five Skill Areas for a Project Support Officer

Project Support Officer

One look at job advertisements and specifications for a project support officer or project co-ordinator today quickly reveals a set of core competencies or skills to get the job done. Regardless of the type of organisation, sector or project  you work within; the competencies remain the same across the board. ...

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5 Things You’ve Forgotten To Budget For


Project managers should be comfortable putting together a project budget, based on thorough estimates and a good assessment of what the project needs. After all, financial management and project budgeting is one of the core skills for a project manager, and in reality it isn’t much different to running your ...

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Optimizing Your PMO: Getting Ready for the Demands

PMO team

Whether you manage a large team in an innovation giant or a smaller team in more of a maintenance/operations environment, you can always optimize your Project Management Office. Regardless of your current mission, CIOs are being challenged more than ever to do more with less and drive more value vs ...

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