7 Causes of Project Change


You know that nice neat project schedule you created? The one that you’ve saved in a fancy graphical format and turned into a PDF for your stakeholders? I’ve got news for you: tomorrow it will be in the recycling bin because it will be out of date. Project plans change ...

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Pick up the SLACK – Quality Management


 This article is written for quality professionals who would like to obtain the benefits of a Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) system, but do not have the time or resources to dedicate to the initiative. This is particularly common in companies involved in agile product development, where there must be ...

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Project Managers: Motivate Yourself


At a typical PMI meeting a few years ago there would have been several job openings announced with only a few candidates vying for those project management positions. As we all know, the market has changed drastically and we’re faced with a different set of problems to manage. Now we ...

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Quality Challenges in Projects


Last year I had some troubling experiences related to quality, which made me think about the ongoing struggles within many organisations to deal with quality in their projects. While my aunt was hospitalised this past year, I observed what I considered poor service quality multiple times. For example, she was ...

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Lack of Governance \\ Strategy Execution Series


The latest Trends in Strategy Execution were discussed at the recent Executive Briefing hosted by TwentyEighty Strategy Execution in London. The eighth trend, “Lack of Governance Hampered by Lack of Resources” highlighted how reactive decision-making and a lack of resource availability to deliver against those decisions is harming organisation’s competitive ...

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How is the PMO Changing?


During a recent roundtable discussion event, the question was “How is the PMO changing?”. The idea was that each person around the table could contribute based on their different perspectives and experiences. There was a mix of consultants, current practitioners, trainers and me. For me there are two different perspectives; ...

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