Getting More Out of Your Project Team


Teams represent one of the most powerful mechanisms for achieving significant results in organisations today. Much has been learned about the development and implementation of teams over the past few years. We have seen what works, what doesn’t and the best approach for developing and nurturing teams. A new class ...

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Supporting Agile – A PMO’s Checklist


As the role of the PMO increasingly focuses on aligning the tactical and strategic aspects of the organisation to drive optimal business value, the traditional notion of measuring its success is no longer just about project delivery. Instead, the PMO must demonstrate performance improvement, benefits and business value realisation. Introducing ...

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5 Tips for Resource Allocation


One of the hardest parts of project management is dealing with resource management. That’s supported by findings in the latest ESI survey on the Global State of the PMO, which concludes that resource management comes out top of the list of challenges facing PMOs today. Resource management is also an ...

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Success Stories in the PMO


One of the fads in project management at the moment is ‘learning from failure’. Failure is not endorsed as such but more ‘if we do fail, the outcome is marginally better if we learn from that failure and make sure we don’t do it again.’ There is a flip side ...

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Stakeholder Analysis Works Both Ways


As project managers we spend a fair amount of time carrying out stakeholder analysis and working out who is a supporter and detractor on the project. There are complicated grids involved, often generating top secret information that experts go to lengths to stress should not be shared with the stakeholders ...

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PMOs Supporting Agile Projects


PMOs have a part to play in supporting an organisation’s move to incorporate Agile as a way to deliver projects. In the Uncertain Role of the PMO in Agile Environments we explored the role of the PMO in assisting activities in organisational readiness – getting the organisation ready to start ...

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