Agile 2.0


Back in September I listened in to a few sessions on PMI’s Organizational Agility Conference 2016 which was a virtual member’s only event.  The day long event had various sessions all themed around an organisation’s ability to transform into an agile way of working. It included – what I call ...

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The Seven Activities of Project Closeout


The goal of the project closeout activities is to end the project in a way that reflects favorably upon the team, the team leader and the organization. This phase requires the completion of the seven activities. It is fortuitous that comprehensive planning makes the closeout phase rather straight forward. Perform ...

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Opportunity Management in Project Management


When asked how typical risk management exercises are conducted, most project managers reply that this involves conversations and documentation around risk events and their respective probabilities and impacts. While this is a necessary and beneficial exercise, this standard approach and mind-set does not account for taking time to recognise and ...

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Business Process Modelling Notation for Business Analysts


Workflow modelling has long been accomplished by technical resources attempting to add context to technical requirements. As industry has progressed along with complexities of business management, we have again found the need to specialise and segregate responsibilities. As a result, many business analysts have moved from a purely technical requirements ...

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7 Factors of Good Project Governance


Projects ideally sit within a governance framework that is bigger than the project team. It’s actually easier to work in an environment where there is governance in place because it gives you boundaries. And, like toddlers, people respond well when they know how far they can go. But what does ...

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Stepping-Stones in a Project Management Career


A question often asked by project managers is “how do I transfer my career into a different sector?” We have been led to believe that project management skills are easily transferable – after all, the method, processes and techniques are quite generic – yet many project managers struggle when it ...

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