Project Managers and Steering Committees


Everything you need to know about the Steering Committee What is a steering committee and what does it do? The steering committee is the most senior decision-making body on a project. Sometimes it’s also called the project board or the steering board. This is the decision-making body that authorizes the ...

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Project Management Salaries


The Project Management Institute (PMI) have just released their latest Project Management Salary Survey report called “Earning Power”. The top level average salary of all the respondents from across the world (26,000 took part) is $81,000 (£53,088). The survey however includes respondents from all levels of the project management industry ...

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The Campaign for Real Project Managers


I’ve been thinking recently about authenticity and the way that Project Managers [PMs] present themselves in the professional arena. One recent post on LinkedIn highlighted a vacancy advert requiring that the PM had previous experience of managing “ugly” projects, and recounting experience of having interviewed multiple PMs whose projects had ...

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The Well Rounded Project Leader


TwentyEighty Strategy Execution are once again sponsoring PMI’s conference in London: PMI Synergy on Thursday 12th November in Central London. This time it takes place at Central Hall in Westminster and there is a full programme around the theme, ‘The Well Rounded Project Leader’. It’s a cost-effective and valuable way ...

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How To Find Suppliers for Your Project


  “If you’re referring to your contract before every conversation, your relationship with the supplier has already broken down.” That’s the motto that I try to work with. I want the companies I partner with to be trustworthy and reliable, and for us to have a working relationship based on ...

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