Project Training While You’re Gaining


Don’t wait until you are job hunting to think about your training needs and career development – professional development is a lifelong commitment It seems like every day I’m talking to project practitioners who are struggling with their job hunting in one way or another. One thing I see a ...

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The Project Definition Worksheet


Project management can be used in almost all aspects of our daily lives. It has been used unknowingly by multitudes of people. Many a couple planning a wedding using critical path methods. The local Scouts planning a fundraiser unwittingly incorporating earned value analysis. Families have planned vacations based on sound ...

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The Ten Success Factors for Strategic Execution


Strategic execution depends on many important relationships, interdependent variables, decisions and actions to achieve success. This is the theme of a new executive briefing session, Bridging Strategy and Project Execution for Organisational Alignment and Success which takes place on Thursday 5th May from 9.30am to 2.30pm in Central London. Find ...

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The Project Management Job Race


Like it or not, when it comes to gaining a new project management opportunity it can feel very much like a race – facing competitors, jumping over hurdles, getting in the ‘zone’ at interviews and ultimately winning or losing. In this article we take a look at five key areas ...

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LINE – The Fine Balance for Project Managers


Over the past decade, I have witnessed the life and sometimes untimely death of many information technology (IT) projects, including data migrations, custom development efforts, third-party tool implementations and system retirements. Each endeavour has had various levels of complexity, but one common denominator: an end. How the project manager gets ...

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