Do PMOs Add Value or Add Cost?


Dr. Brian Hobbs of the University of  Quebec in Montreal, Canada, under a research grant from PMI, conducted a very interesting study on the PMO entitled: “The Multi-Project PMO: A Global Analysis of the Current State of Practice.” The goal of the survey was to use the results as a ...

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How To Help Your Team Manage Risk


A project manager’s job isn’t just about managing the work. You are also responsible for your team. Part of a resource management plan is to build the skills of your team. Normally we’d think of that in terms of the technical skills they need to deliver the project, like taking ...

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The State of the PMO 2015


In 2013 we found out just how popular PMOs had become in organisations in ESI’s last Global State of the PMO. This year the survey is being launched again to see how PMOs are now faring two years on. You can take part in the survey here This is the ...

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Becoming an Agile Organisation


Agile organisations put their customers at the centre of everything they do. In Agile Organisations First, Agile Projects Second it was highlighted that agile organisations work hard to understand what the real values and benefits of what they do really means to their customers. It is this mindshift that is ...

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The PMO – What Does it Stand For?


I have been told by others, both inside and outside the profession and even that ultimate source Wikipedia that it stands for: Programme Management Office Project Management Office Portfolio Management Office The P can mean different things to different organisations which is what often leads to confusion around what the ...

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