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Lindsay Scott is Director of Arras People, the programme and project management recruitment specialists. Lindsay is the project management careers columnist for PMI’s Network magazine and co-editor of the Gower Handbook of People in Project Management. Lindsay recently created and hosted The PMO Conference and hosts the monthly PMO Flashmob

The PMO as the Centre Leader

There has been much written and taught about leadership in project management yet very little about the PMO – and what kind of leadership they provide. The PMO Flashmob was hosted at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s offices in London for an evening event all about PMO Leadership. There were different aspects ...

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Why Good Strategies Fail?

In the Leadership and Strategy Execution in a Chaotic World session attended by project leaders as part of our series of Strategy Execution road show events, there was a discussion about why an organisation’s strategies fail. There are a number of categories; there is the formulation and structure of the ...

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The PMO Leadership Role

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution are hosting the PMO Flashmob later this month with an evening session all about the PMO Leadership Role. The evening session takes place at 2080’s Bishopgate offices and anyone with an interest in PMO and PMO Leadership issues are invited to attend. Find out more information via ...

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The Next Generation PMO

At last month’s PMO Conference in London the sessions and conversations were all about the relationship between the PMO and the business or organisation a PMO sits within. The overriding message is – the PMO belongs to the business and it is there to response to business needs. Whatever they ...

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What is Adaptive Project Management?

Last week I listened in to a new webinar from Twenty Eighty Strategic Execution about adaptive strategy execution – or adaptive project management. What is Adaptive Project Management? As the name suggests, project management adapts and changes in response to the needs of the organisation. Adaptive project management is borne ...

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Self-Promotion and the Project Manager

You’ve got good experience; some great project management skills; got some decent project management training under your belt and you’re part of a formal community like PMI. But there is something else that a good professional project manager does that enables their career to head in the right direction – ...

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Project Management Trends in the UK 2017

Project based workers provide the practical, hands-on solution to the fast paced, complex/complicated changes that organisations have to deliver – not just to stay ahead of the competition but vitally if they are to remain a viable, successful business. Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, said in 1965, “Change has never ...

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Five Routes into a Project Management Career

Do you want to get into project management? If so, you’re not the only one. Project management, over the last decade, has become increasingly popular with people from across a wide range of industries. Perhaps it’s because project-based working has become increasingly in organisations so more and more operational roles ...

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What is Personal Leadership?

Personal Leadership is all about leadership for yourself. When we talk about leadership in project management – we’re nearly always talking about leading others – but we also have a responsibility to ourselves – both for our careers and in life. So when we think about personal leadership in relation ...

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