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How Strategic Leadership Improves Organisational Success

In today’s competitive business environment, an organisation’s success depends on the combination of strategic leadership and effective execution of project-based initiatives. Regardless of the specific goal, project-based initiatives can be challenging, particularly as they involve groups that consist of diverse individuals brought together to form cross-functional and cross-organisational teams. These ...

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How to Build a Strategic Project Team

As we discussed in last week’s blog, cultivating a workforce with a solid balance of technical and relational skills helps ensure the gap between strategy making and execution is minimised. However, in organisations of every size, the teams involved in executing strategic projects are becoming more and more diverse, therefore aligning ...

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How to Close the Strategy Execution Gap

Strategy making sets the strategic direction of the organisation, often through the identification of goals and metrics which drive the business forward. The importance of strategy is widely acknowledged as essential to staying relevant in the market, yet a gap between strategy and its execution continues to impede success across ...

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What is Adaptive Project Management?

Last week I listened in to a new webinar from Twenty Eighty Strategic Execution about adaptive strategy execution – or adaptive project management. What is Adaptive Project Management? As the name suggests, project management adapts and changes in response to the needs of the organisation. Adaptive project management is borne ...

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