Make it Fun

I had the parental pleasure of attending my daughter’s graduation ceremony recently and, as you would expect it was a proud and emotional moment. I am now officially the least qualified member of this particular family unit (but the only one who is published so I am clinging on to ...

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Respect the Driver

Now I have mentioned before that I drive a lot and when I am out in my Saab Aero convertible (Chilli red) I am a happy man. The old lady is getting on a bit now but still moves well and is oh so comfortable – roof up or down.

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Project Success Set the Stage Correctly Part 1

Even in very healthy companies, the life of the executive isn’t (or shouldn’t be) one of leisure. Most executives are extremely busy, have to juggle multiple points of view and issues and are typically directly responsible for multiple internal projects. Many executives are also responsible for external, customer-centric projects as ...

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The PMO – Context is King Part 2

In part 1, I covered the first half of the list that my group came up with when asked to explore the actions and questions that they would present to senior members of their organisation, when thinking about their PMO. In part 2, I will cover the second half of ...

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The PMO – Context is King Part 1

During a PMO seminar I had been running, great progress was being made on coming up with flash points relating to the value that the PMO can bring to their organisations. One of the delegates Luca had given some real insights into how their organisation attributed value to the useful ...

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Volcanic Action

We have all been affected recently, either directly or indirectly, the ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Directly through delayed travel plans or indirectly through the impact of flight cancellations.  In my case I was due to be at the London Book Fair to help discussions over the rights sale ...

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