How to Equip your Talent to Deliver on Strategic Goals

The modern business environment is evolving to recognize the importance of strategic projects, meaning traditional project management techniques are no longer sufficient to achieve the growth and business transformation that these strategic projects demand. The need for performance improvement, with particular focus on the soft skills including leadership, communication and ...

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Coaching Tips for Project Managers

One of the hardest shifts in mind-set needed when moving from an operational to a project management role, is the letting go of the project tasks yourself. After all, you will have spent a number of years working in project teams and you performed tasks to a high standard, which ...

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Advancing the PMO as a Training Centre

This is a question that has frequently been asked in delivery organisations and one which TwentyEighty Strategy Execution also picked up on in the last Global State of the PMO Report back in 2015: Sixty-five percent surveyed said their PMO is involved in training. Top PMO involvement includes direct training ...

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Project Management Trends in the UK 2017

Project based workers provide the practical, hands-on solution to the fast paced, complex/complicated changes that organisations have to deliver – not just to stay ahead of the competition but vitally if they are to remain a viable, successful business. Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, said in 1965, “Change has never ...

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Strategy Execution Trends for 2017

  It’s the end of project management as we know it. Business today requires project professionals to think more strategically and move away from only using processes and procedures to get work done, and instead solve business problems by using adaptive skill sets. This concept of adaptive execution is permeating ...

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Business Analysis – Valued More than Ever

A month ago, I was in the Middle East, running a Business Analysis workshop, when a thought struck me. Something was very different. Something quite fundamental had changed. Looking around the room, I realized what it was. Ten years ago, when I started travelling to run workshops in the Arabian ...

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