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Case Study



HQ Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Employee Size: 5,500

Industry: Manufacturing

Activity: Professional cleaning equipment

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We help Nilfisk transform project management and deliver 75% cost savings

The Background

Nilfisk has ambitious plans to grow and expand its business and become the leading professional cleaning equipment manufacturer in the world. The company recently launched a new growth strategy which is based on developing an agile and commercial organisation and further strengthen Nilfisk’s culture and leadership, specifically in relation to project execution. Projects are at the heart of Nilfisk’s operations, from new product and technology development through to strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions and change management.


Project management was also where Nilfisk felt it needed further development. Across the world, projects were being run differently and without a consistent approach. An internal investigation found that while the business was good at executing projects, it was not so effective at initial planning or closing. As a result, projects often took too long to complete and were not cost effective. Another issue was a lack of skills and confidence amongst individuals that were asked to run these projects. Therefore, the aim was to develop a more structured way of managing projects across the global businesses. This is being driven from the very top of the organisation by the CFO who sees effective project management as essential to business growth and success.

Nilfisk had approached a number of potential partners—both local and international—to help improve project management. During a selection process, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution was chosen over the others due to their unique ability to support internal training activities.

“TwentyEighty Strategy Execution offers a blended solution which marries the benefits of face-to-face classroom training with selfpaced learning. And the bottom line is, with TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, we can train a lot more people for a lot less money.”

Jon Holst-Christensen
Senior Partner,
People & Performance



Developing effective and efficient projects to support business growth strategy

Licensed courses enabling Nilfisk trainers to deliver a multi-national programme

Projects take too long, cost too much

Impactful blended learning

Going beyond project management

Developing effective and efficient



Transforms project management execution

“The licensed course solution has had a big impact on how cost effective training is delivered at Nilfisk. We can do six days of training at €600 per person compared to €4,000 that you would usually expect to pay. That is a saving of up to 75 percent. Not only that, it has taken internal training to a whole new level. I don’t see others delivering this quality of training at this cost and I think it is a unique achievement by Nilfisk and TwentyEighty Strategy Execution.”

Jon Holst-Christensen
Senior Partner, People & Performance, Nilfisk

Improves business operations

Delivers cost savings


TwentyEighty Strategy Execution worked with key Nilfisk stakeholders to plan the company’s project management development roadmap. The solution was based around a Train-the-Trainer and blended learning approach targeting both project management and project leadership skills.

Multi-national Train-the-Trainer programme

Eight managers from Nilfisk offices around the world—China, Hungary, Denmark and the US—were selected to become in-house trainers. First, they attended five days of TwentyEighty Strategy Execution-run classroom training in Denmark. TwentyEighty Strategy Execution and Nilfisk then developed the programme for these trainers to deliver. It comprises two modules—project leadership and project management—delivered via e-Learning and face-to-face modalities.

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution worked with Nilfisk to develop the course structure and material, based on TwentyEighty Strategy Execution expertise and Nilfisk-specific content. This includes TwentyEighty Strategy Execution e-Learning products as well as reference and work books, case studies and presentations.

Impactful blended learning

Staff attending the programme start with an e-Learning module which provides them with all the basic information they need before attending two, three-day classroom sessions. These are facilitated by one of the local Nilfisk trainers and are interspersed with more e-Learning. A final post-class e-Learning module enables trainees to refresh and embed what they have learned, making the whole programme more memorable and impactful. The effectiveness of the training programme is monitored through Metrics that Matter® (MTM), an online learning analytics system that analyses and predicts the effectiveness of the organisation’s learning and business performance.

Going beyond project management

In the first year of the programme, around 100 Nilfisk employees from Asia, Europe and the US passed through the programme. Nilfisk expects another 100 employees to be trained over the next two years. All elements of the programme meet internationally-recognised standards set by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Because of the success of the TwentyEighty Strategy Execution approach and content—particularly around leadership— Nilfisk is now applying elements of the programme to other areas of the business, not just project management.

Because of the success of the TwentyEighty Strategy Execution approach and content—particularly around leadership—Nilfisk is now applying elements of the programme to other areas of the business, not just project management.


The benefits of the TwentyEighty Strategy Execution training programme reach into many critical parts of Nilfisk’s business. It has started to transform the way projects are managed, reducing operating costs and improving the training experience for staff.

Transforms project management execution

One of the key benefits, particularly from better scoping and assessment skills, is the ability to prioritise projects. Improved skills have helped managers determine the cost, resource investment and final outcome of a project. Previously, it could take several months to realise that a project should be terminated because it would not deliver the anticipated value.

Holst-Christensen says, “My department was able to apply what was learnt through the TwentyEighty Strategy Execution programme to a proposed e-Learning project which was subsequently put on hold. Had we not done this, the project would have gone on for months. The key aspect is we’re saving valuable time, money and resources and putting them to better use.”

Improves business operations

Nilfisk is getting feedback from leaders in various parts of the business about the impact of the improved training. For example, the sales department is making its processes more efficient by looking at key customer accounts as projects. It is using project management to validate items such as the number and type of client meetings, type of people on the account and adoption of a more planned approach to its processes. HolstChristensen says,“ The sales department sees a huge potential in running key accounts in this way.”

Delivers huge cost savings and efficiencies

As well as reducing costs through more efficient project management, Nilfisk has achieved savings in the training process itself. It is estimated that Nilfisk is saving as much as 75 percent by using the TwentyEighty Strategy Execution solution.

Firstly, developing local in-house trainers is significantly more cost effective and efficient than using external ones as it reduces travel and delivery costs and it brings training resources to where staff are located.

Secondly, one of the key elements of the Train-the-Trainer approach is licensing courses from TwentyEighty Strategy Execution as compared to per-seat or outright purchase. This gives Nilfisk much more flexibility by ensuring that the content and techniques are kept updated. But, importantly, it means Nilfisk now has its own in-house trainers—who deliver value for money—because they have received the Train-the-Trainer instruction and can use licensed TwentyEighty Strategy Execution courses and content. Administration is also less complex.

Finally, the IP licensing route creates a better, long-term client-supplier relationship. Individual staff are also benefiting from the new training because it enhances their skills and qualifications, improves engagement within their roles and makes them more efficient, valuable employees.


Through its partnership with TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, Nilfisk has transformed the quality of its project management training. This is consistent with the predictive scores from the MTM surveys. Employees ranked instructor capabilities, learning effectiveness and return on investment from training an average six out of seven score. From the first touch point when an employee is invited on to the programme to applying the learning to the business, it is highly professional. It delivers the same consistent level of training anywhere in the world, and is run by experienced and expertly-trained instructors.

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