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Corporate Off-the-Shelf Training at your Company

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We can bring our traditional classroom courses to a location of your choice – this is the most efficient training in terms of implementing and cost.

Depending on the specific organisational business requirement, our training can be delivered using a blended learning approached involving several delivery platforms, for example onsite, public classroom, and distance learning.

Our off-the-shelf training can still be modified to include elements that reflect a particular industry, corporate culture, business goals, methodologies, tools and address any skill gaps in the workforce.

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Alternatively browse our onsite courses by training programmes:

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On-site training offers significant benefits

To provide our clients with the ultimate flexibility in choice, we offer a combination of on-site learning with attendance on our public training courses at discounted prices.

These public project management courses are held in training centres throughout the world, ensuring that there is always the option of a classroom when it is needed.

The e-Training option meanwhile lets our clients learn at anytime and anywhere that is convenient. Mirroring our signature training, the online courses give organisations a high-quality learning experience that is flexible with the other delivery methods.

Having served 1.4 million professionals from 100 countries in our 35 years, we have the experience and resources to ensure the highest quality training.

That is why our clients have benefited from our results-oriented, on-site training programmes in the following ways: