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ESI International is now TwentyEighty Strategy Execution

Corporate Off-the-Shelf Training at your Company

We can bring our traditional classroom courses to a location of your choice – this is the most efficient training in terms of implementing and cost.

Depending on the specific organisational business requirement, our training can be delivered using a blended learning approached involving several delivery platforms, for example onsite, public classroom, and distance learning.

Our off-the-shelf training can still be modified to include elements that reflect a particular industry, corporate culture, business goals, methodologies, tools and address any skill gaps in the workforce.

Download the Corporate Training Catalogue

Alternatively browse our onsite courses by training programmes:

PDF download Core Essential Project Management Courses
PDF download Advanced Project Management Courses
PDF download Agile Practitioner Courses
PDF download Procurement and Contract Management Training Courses
PDF download Business Skills Courses
PDF download Business Analysis Courses

On-site training offers significant benefits

To provide our clients with the ultimate flexibility in choice, we offer a combination of on-site learning with attendance on our public training courses at discounted prices.

These public project management courses are held in training centres throughout the world, ensuring that there is always the option of a classroom when it is needed.

The e-Training option meanwhile lets our clients learn at anytime and anywhere that is convenient. Mirroring our signature training, the online courses give organisations a high-quality learning experience that is flexible with the other delivery methods.

Having served 1.4 million professionals from 100 countries in our 35 years, we have the experience and resources to ensure the highest quality training.

That is why our clients have benefited from our results-oriented, on-site training programmes in the following ways:

  • Tailored courses specifically designed to meet organisational needs.
  • Being able to move swiftly into a new type of business or contracting process.
  • Trained by experts in their fields, with 75% of instructors having advanced degrees and 15 % having doctorates.
  • Receiving valuable publications that can be referred to long after completing the course.
  • Improvements to staff expertise, teamwork and the creation of clear organisational career paths which inspires continuous learning amongst employees.
  • Being able to spend more time learning and less time managing the administrative details of training, including the appropriate training sites, scheduling of courses and marketing the training programme to employees.
  • Received special corporate discounts with no travel expenses or travel time.

Assessment Tools

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We have individual assessment tools that can help you map out a clear path to improvement. Uncover areas where employees, groups or your organisation is most capable and those where improvement is needed to help you select an appropriate training programme.

The TwentyEighty Difference

At TwentyEighty we deliver training programmes that address your organisational goals in order to produce results.

We pride ourselves on our ability to shape corporate education programmes which help employees grow in their careers. This not only benefits the employees, it benefits the company, and in turn, drives productivity and improves business performance.

With over 30 years in the training business, we have helped more than 500 clients achieve increased project success. This includes helping HP Services to increase their margins by 50%, and Siemans to improve their project success rate by 30%, since partnering with us.)

We are confident that we can do the same for your organisation.

Developing a Training Programme to Meet Your Goals

By partnering with us, you can expect to receive the maximum return on your training investment.

Our tailored training programmes are designed around an organisation’s employees’ skills, level of expertise and training goals. This customised learning experience ensures that all employees gain the most relevant knowledge and skills.

There are more than 65 courses covering project management and business analysis to choose from. Whatever your organisation’s needs, we have the training to meet all business objectives.

Supporting Your Global Workforce Needs

We employ a network of expert instructors around the world, each with a clear knowledge and understanding of the languages and cultures of their respective regions. This allows us to deliver courses in the language and format that is most relevant to your unique global work environment.

Whether you choose in-language course content, locally produced or shipped materials - or you simply require guidance in the complexities of implementing an international training plan - we have the solution for you.

Providing Training On Site, in Classrooms and Online

Our courses are available in public classrooms in cities around the world, on-site at your location if you have a group of people to train - or online with our innovative e-training programme.

With this flexible, multi-delivery approach, your organisation has a cost effective way to provide employees with training that will improve project performance in order to increase business success.

Implementing a Successful Training Programme

We understand that running a successful training programme is a big commitment. By partnering with us, you get to take advantage of the 35 years’ experience we have at implementing organisation-wide training programmes, which we have delivered to over 35% of the world’s largest companies.

As well as helping you design and deliver your training programme, our behind-the-scenes marketing professionals will help you develop a communication plan to help ensure buy-in and support across the organisation.

Succeeding Beyond the Classroom

A training programme is only as good as the results it produces - something we ensure with our learning reinforcement programmes.

Using an extensive array of appraisal instruments, assessment tools and real-world classroom experiences, we’ll help measure delegates’ knowledge and progress and help to make sure they retain the skills learned in the classroom, as well as continually apply them to the job.

On-Site Classes

Companies that have a group of people to train can take advantage of significant tuition discounts with on-site training. Please call us on +44 (0)20 3743 2910, ask to speak to a Business Development Manager and we'll help you get started. You can also send us your contact information to get a call back. Request a call back here