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The Impact Model: A Comprehensive Solution for Performance Improvement

For nearly 30 years, organisations have partnered with TwentyEighty Strategy Execution to create and implement strategic learning initiatives designed to improve the way their employees manage projects, gather requirements, and work with vendors, contractors and suppliers.

We focus on the activities needed to overcome learning obstacles and ensure that our solutions deliver a positive impact for our clients.

Assess, Implement and Adopt:
The 3 key phases of The Impact Model

Completing key deliverables within each of these activities, along with validation throughout, delivers immediate, measurable improvements that make a lasting impact.


Key elements from the Assess Phase include:

  • Helping clients to understand and benchmark their current levels of PM performance
    (and to set realistic and achievable improvement targets)
  • Identifying the barriers that might impede or slow down improvements in performance and/or impact negatively on any learning programme
  • Developing solutions that provide tangible evidence of success in the classroom and the workplace

The Delivery of flexible (blended) learning programmes that build new or enhanced knowledge, skills and proficiencies, in line with agreed goals and targets, and the specific learning needs of groups and/or individuals.

We integrate a number of elements to provide a blended learning solution that fulfils your organisation.s objectives, including:

  • Learning Programmes
  • Delivery Format
  • Certification

The Measurement and Reinforcement activities required to turn the Knowledge and Skills that have been built in the “classroom” into performance and behaviours that can be seen and felt in the workplace, and whose impact can be measured.

In addition, Validate is an ongoing process to ensure that any programme remains fully aligned with agreed goals and targets.

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