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Business Skills for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Business Process Analysis, Innovation and Design course


It was a very useful training course.

Manager Product Services, Philip Morris


This course has made me revaluate how I think about a process – what’s it really doing for the business? Where’s its value and what do I really want it to deliver?

Lead System Engineer, Motorola


From the begining of the course I could see the relevance to my job and was happy I got onto the course. However I feel much more time (at least a day extra) is required to do justice to the contents of this excellent course. I particularly liked the various exercises as it helped us get full understanding.

Country Manager, Bumi Armada Berhad


Good case design, changed my mindset

Research & Development, Sandvik

Redesign business processes & change your organisation’s productivity & profitability.

To survive, organisations must become lean, flexible, innovative and customer focused. To achieve this, companies need to analyse and redesign core business processes to function faster, better and cheaper. Business process analysis (also called business process innovation) can tremendously improve an organisation’s productivity, profitability and responsiveness. Learn practical techniques for redesigning critical processes and find out about the benefits and why it necessitates rethinking an organisation’s use of IT and management control mechanisms.

Is this course for me?

This course is for any professional who wants to redesign business processes through a project management approach.

What will I learn?

  • Avoid the management “dead zone” lurking in every process redesign project
  • Facilitate a paradigm shift within your organisation
  • Set realistic “stretch targets” for the transition
  • Evaluate the organisational culture’s readiness for change
  • Maintain a consistency of purpose despite declining morale and hostile attitudes in some stakeholders
  • Assess the effectiveness of current processes
  • Reinvent effective processes for the future

What is included in the price?

All Digital Course Materials

Food and Refreshments

Career coach

Does this course help me towards certification/accreditation?

What topics will be covered in the course?

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  1. Defining Business Process Innovation
    1. A working definition
    2. A model for process invention
    3. A business process innovation roadmap
    4. Why organisations are stuck with worn and broken processes
    5. Six guidelines for success
  2. Learning by Looking Backward: A Historical View
    1. The evolution of organisations, the revolution of productivity
    2. Deciding when to redesign a process
    3. Leaping the curve of process change
    4. Making the case for process innovation
  3. Process Analysis and Redesign as a Business Strategy
    1. An enterprise model for change
    2. Analysing your current change strategy
    3. Process measurements
    4. Process innovation value-added
    5. Establishing and prioritising customer requirements
    6. Strategic process capability
  4. The Process-Centred Organisation: Leadership and Change Acceleration
    1. The management “dead zone”
    2. The change acceleration model
    3. Process innovation and leadership styles
    4. Recruiting the process design team
  5. Analysis and Evaluation of Current Systems and Processes
    1. Assessing organisational readiness
    2. Mapping the existing processes
    3. Measuring hidden and visible process costs
    4. Process Analysis tools
    5. Assumption Busting
  6. Functional Process Diagnosis
    1. Symptoms of process disease
    2. Cause-and-effect analysis
    3. Improve it, fix it or obliterate it?
    4. Picking “low-hanging fruit”
  7. Designing the Optimal Process
    1. The return on investment (ROI) of process redesign
    2. Breaking away from the old process
    3. Templates for process reinvention
    4. Process redesign tools
    5. Developing the desired process
    6. Linking the new process to the customer
    7. Analysing the risk of change and the consequences of doing nothing
    8. Anticipating barriers and identifying accelerators
    9. Highlighting communication tactics and the “rule of 50s”
  8. Overcoming Resistance to Change: The Silver Bullet
    1. Making the benefits real
    2. Dealing with fear and anxiety
    3. Don’t wrestle the crocodiles, drain the swamp
    4. Avoid common costly mistakes
    5. Celebrate success

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