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Business Skills for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Establishing a Business Mindset course


A great way to help you better structure your approach to work.

Project Manager, Marathon International Oil (GB) Limited


I found the course so diverse and very well presented. It will serve me in understanding how businesses consists of and how changes affects business. As a Project Manager dealing with changes, understanding how changes impact business is important and would change the way I deal with my projects and how I should report them. I am also delighted to have the opportunity to learn about business in a early stage of my career since I’ll be able to apply the lessons of this course and grow with it.

Project Manager, Al Elm


Gives an excellent overview on business processes and an introduction to the necessary tools used in change management.

Senior Project Manager, Tyco Oil Gas & Energy Systems (UK) Ltd

Learn to leverage variables related to the business environment, thinking, interactions, and outcomes for project, organisational, personal and professional success.

Expert knowledge is prised in today’s business environment. Without it, businesses cannot compete in the global marketplace. But in today’s business world, deep technical knowledge is not enough—especially as you move up the ranks. This course helps professionals develop and apply holistic solutions to business issues and allows you to practice analysing business situations and applying new skills to common business issues. You will also assess yourself against a set of core competencies to determine which skills you want to strengthen to support your professional development. And, you’ll create a plan to realise those goals. In Establishing a Business Mindset, you will discover the value and impact of business acumen and how you can apply it to achieve greater success. You’ll learn to apply ESI’s practical Mindset Model for interpreting different business situations, identifying goals, communicating effectively, and leveraging a variety of business “influencers.” You’ll also be introduced to common metrics used to measure business success. You’ll walk away with a firm grasp of what you must be aware of to be successful in business, as well as a plan for your professional development.

Is this course for me?

This course is aimed at any professionals seeking to broaden their business acumen to develop and apply holistic solutions to business issues.

What will I learn?

  • Apply business acumen to realise professional and personal potential
  • Use ESI’s Mindset Model as a framework for approaching current work and setting future goals
  • Enhance your contributions to the organisation
  • Adapt to changing variables in a typical business environment
  • Develop your skills in alignment with your personal and professional goals

What is included in the price?

Pre-course assessment tools

All Digital Course Materials

Food and Refreshments

Post course reinforcement training

Online tools and templates

Career coach

Does this course help me towards certification/accreditation?

Take this course is you aim to achieve any of the following certification:

What topics will be covered in the course?

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  1. The Mindset Model
    1. Strategic perspective
    2. Operational perspective
    3. Interpersonal perspective
    4. Personal perspective
    5. Influences within the Mindset Model
    6. The dynamic model
  2. The Strategic Perspective
    1. Strategic influences
    2. Identify vision
    3. Determine your strategy
    4. Identify and analyse stakeholders
    5. Set goals and objectives
  3. The Operational Perspective
    1. Operational influences
    2. ESI’s Operational Framework (OPF)
      • Products and services
      • HR/training
      • Marketing/Sales
      • Customer service
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Finance/budgeting
    3. Basic change processes
  4. The Interpersonal Perspective
    1. Interpersonal influences
    2. Structuring communications
    3. Communication and virtual teams
    4. Coaching and mentoring
    5. Giving and receiving feedback
    6. Effective learning
    7. Conflict and conflict management
    8. Cultural conflicts
  5. The Personal Perspective
    1. Personal influences
    2. Organisational culture
    3. Business etiquette and politics
    4. Linguistic considerations
    5. Gender, ethnicity and class roles
    6. Critical thinking
    7. Career track preferences

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