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Finding the Right Blend: Sometimes Pure Agile Isn't The Way to Go

Blending approaches allows for parallel execution of both approaches to deliver a product that the customer perceives to have value.

Only a fraction of organisations will migrate to Agile methods completely and for all projects. The reality is, many types of projects are not well suited for Agile approaches for a variety of reasons. Some organisations run multiple projects across many departments and corporate entities, many of which may not have the inclination or resources to manage in an Agile manner.

Others have made significant investments in traditional or proprietary methodologies and are not prepared to simply abandon them. Further, many companies are global, with development resources located around the world, in different time zones, with varying local corporate cultures and working styles. For all of these reasons, Agile project managers need to be prepared to work in cooperation with non-Agile project managers, teams that employ traditional methods, and organisations that have resources scattered around the globe.

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