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The Top Ten Business Analysis Trends for 2016

Business analysts are experiencing a paradigm shift of their roles and moving away from being characterised as simply a tactical, check-the-box process. In this evolution, practitioners of the business analysis discipline have ever-increasing opportunities to contribute to their organisation’s overall process and in doing so, advance the profession and deliver business value to the businesses they serve. A business analyst’s comprehensive perspective of the whole business helps identify how the organisation meets customer needs, and what the organisation can do to better meet those needs.

The “Top 10 Trends in Business Analysis for 2016” examines the evolving ways in which BA practitioners can help organisations realise better business outcomes for the organisation and the shifts needed within the BA discipline. The overarching theme of the trends is a shift away from being an order-taker or liaison between stakeholders, to an increased focus on being an agent of change, communication and collaboration.

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