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Forget Project Management... It is Leadership That Counts

Start behaving as a leader, not just as a manager.

"I’ve worked with my stakeholders to identify their requirements. I’ve talked to my experts to work out the scope of my project and estimate each task. I’ve painstakingly put together the schedule and budget and documented it all in a project specification. I’ve even agreed on a risk and governance plan with my sponsor. I’ve had the project kickoff and distributed the work packages.

"So how come nothing is happening? I’m already late for the first milestone and every time I chase up my project team, it seems they are too busy on other work to help me. Why isn’t this going better?"

Does this scenario sound familiar? Have you rigorously followed "best practice", only to run into a thick blanket of apathy and indifference? It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? The solution is to start behaving as a leader, not just as a manager.

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