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Certification - worth the hassle?

Getting the credential represents a commitment to learning and gives you a solid foundation from which you can continue building your road-tested skills and experiences.

As a certified PMP®, I often come across the un-convinced who question the value of project management certification and believe that it represents a triumph of book knowledge over experience and common sense. I often hear comments like "doesn’t just taking a test mean that you are good at reading and memorising knowledge?" and "how can taking a test really indicate a level of ability on something that is fundamentally an experience based skill?" However, these un-convinced, or late adopters, haven’t quite caught on to the growing tour de force that is project management.

As those of us working in project management know, things have moved on quite considerably. The days when an individual was given a project to complete alongside their normal day to day roles are going. Project management is becoming an established profession on its own, like accountancy; it has professional bodies, certification bodies, frameworks and methodologies, protocols, research and best practice. There is a difference between "certified" and "qualified". In my book, to be considered a "qualified" project manager, you have to do more than simply pass a test and manage projects, you have to manage the people, stakeholders, resources and a whole host of other project related soft skills.

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