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FULL SURVEY - Applying Training and Transferring Learning in the Workplace: How to Turn Hope into Reality

Studies and research around the transfer of learning date back to the early 20th century and since then, a plethora of viewpoints, theories and research fields have emerged to analyse how individuals, or trainees, apply the knowledge and skills gained in training to their real-world workplace environment. This aspiration to successfully transfer learning continues to the present day.

We issued a Transfer of Learning Survey in March 2011 designed to assess an organisation’s success or difficulty in fostering a learning transfer climate in the workplace. The goal was to determine if organisations had a system or set of processes that ensures trainees can apply learning on the job — in an immediate way — to improve actual employee performance and generate positive business impact. The survey was sent to training-related managers and leaders at both government agencies and commercial institutions spanning multiple industries around the globe. With more than 3200 responses, our Transfer of Learning Study helps us form a picture of how and why organisations are succeeding, or falling short, in the application and transfer of learning, and to learn and share transfer of training best practices.

To access the full resource, please download the pdf file