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The Sustainment of Learning

Overcoming the hurdle of obtaining the right training is one thing. Sustaining what you learn so that it is not only reinforced, but also applied on the job, is entirely another.

The primary reason organisations introduce training is to encourage change within the enterprise. When implementing a learning adoption strategy, decision-makers should view it largely as a change management initiative. They are, after all, attempting to alter employee behaviour in a sustainable fashion. Without the actual application and reinforcement of new skills, nothing new can emerge.

Would you invest one pound at the London Stock Exchange with a guarantee that you’d lose 87 pence of it? No senior executive would sign off on a programme that would guarantee to lose that much value, yet that is what most learning programmes yield. A full 87% of training skills learnt are lost within 30 days post-training unless those skills are reinforced in some way. The goal is to move away from hoping your training strategy works to knowing it will with a sustainable approach.

Three steps need to be considered when establishing a sustainable learning programme: learning assessment, identifying ownership levels and applying appropriate learning application activities.

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