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The Change Management Life Cycle

Every organisation is affected by change. Still, organisational change initiatives fail at an alarming rate. This is because most initiatives fail to consider how changes affect the people in an organization. To successfully implement change initiatives, organisational leaders must identify the need for change and communicate it throughout the organisation.

This article, which is an excerpt of the white paper, The Change Management Life Cycle: How to Involve Your People to Ensure Success at Every Stage, introduces a three-phase Organisational Change Management Life Cycle methodology (Identify, Engage, Implement) designed to help organisations successfully manage a change initiative.

Why do organizations have such a poor track record of managing change? According to the Wharton School, the primary reason is people issues (Leading Organisational Change Course Page). Without understanding the dynamics of the human transition in organisational change, change initiatives have a slim chance of success. If organisations, whether private or public, cannot change and adapt, they will not thrive or worse, they may not survive in today’s dynamic environment.

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