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FULL SURVEY - The Global State of the PMO: Its Value, Effectiveness and Role as the Hub of Training

This study is based upon research conducted from a quantitative survey of senior-level project and programme managers from a variety of industries around the world with a total of 3,740 respondents. Over 45 percent of those surveyed were PMO staff while nearly 37 percent were non-PMO staff. Only 18 percent reported not having a PMO at all..

Across numerous industries and in every region of the world, businesses have endeavoured to boost their overall performance in project and programme management. A central element of their strategy has been to establish and continually expand their Project/Programme Management Office (PMO). A PMO is defined as an organisational body through which businesses deploy project management. As a means to an end, rather than an end itself, many PMOs take on a strategic, objectives-oriented role while other implementations tend to be more tactical in nature. Regardless of the approach, the same questions apply.

In March 2011 we undertook an investigation into the global state of the PMO to determine its current perceived value, effectiveness and role as a hub of training by asking the following:

Unlike the myriad of other studies on the topic, this examination encompassed respondents from five continents in over 16 industry sectors, offering insights into the PMO from both a PMO and non-PMO staff perspective. The study made invaluable discoveries about noteworthy and significant regional differences that will help shape the deployment, operation and overall improvement of the modern PMO.

To access the full resource, please download the pdf file