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The Global State of the PMO for 2012: The IT Perspective

The IT Sector is a Role Model for the Next-Gen PMO

While the Project or Programme Management Office (PMO) used to be relegated to the IT department, its position has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The PMO is slowly inching its way toward the corporate level as 35% of all PMOs reside there now, according to our second annual global PMO benchmarking survey conducted in late January and early February 2012. With over 3,000 respondents, the survey set out to explore topics such as the perceived value of the PMO, its role in sustainment of learning and how learning transfer impacts overall PMO maturity. Within the framework of this global, cross-sector investigation, the IT sector stood out as the most dominant in its move toward the Next-Generation PMO.

The Next-Gen PMO can be characterised by higher than average maturity levels, a more pronounced focus on improving business outcomes and engaging in activities aimed at ensuring learning sustainment along with a stronger concentration on customer satisfaction.

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