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SURVEY - The Global State of the PMO: On the Road to the Next Generation

This second annual global PMO benchmarking survey conducted in early 2012 with over 3,000 respondents takes a comparative view, determining what is trending, and what is not, in the PMO landscape. ESI International set out to explore topics such as the perceived value of the PMO, its role in sustainment of learning and how learning transfer impacts overall PMO maturity.

The Project or Program Management Office (PMO) has moved up the ranks in most organizations as more than just a warehouse of methodology and process. In an effort to improve business performance through training, provisions and project guidance, a PMO seeks to support project and program management in either an administrative, strategic or directive role. Regardless of its particular position in a given company, the PMO is prevalent in virtually every industry.

Given its popularity in today�s business landscape, the PMO is slowly entering a new phase in its evolution. With a high level of maturity, a strong business mindset, learning sustainment and a focus on customer satisfaction, the Next-Gen PMO has emerged - for some.

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