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The Change Management Life Cycle

How to Involve Your People to Ensure Success at Every Stage

Every organisation is affected by change and must adapt in order to survive in today’s dynamic environment, yet organisational change initiatives still fail at an alarming rate.

This is because most initiatives fail to consider how changes affect the people within an organisation.

To successfully implement change initiatives, organisational leaders must first identify the need for change and communicate it throughout the organisation. Next they need to engage people at all levels of the organisation by involving them in the design of the implementation strategy, and finally to actively involve the people most affected by the change in its implementation.

The three phases laid out in the Organisational Change Management Life Cycle help to guide organisations on how to minimise the impact on people. By paying close attention to how people are engaged in each phase of the lifecycle — Identify, Engage and Implement — organisations can ensure that employees at all levels are in a better position to embrace the proposed changes.


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