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Banking and Finance Project
Management Training Solutions

Banking to Success

We have conducted extensive research with leading banks to identify the key business drivers in the industry that directly impact the skills requirements and competencies development of the project community. Our clients have recognised the value of focusing on select project performance areas in light of these four business drivers.

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Banking and Finance Industry Constraints, Their Impact on Project Performance and Our Solutions

Shifting Revenue and Distribution Models

Risk, Regulation and Compliance

Cost Efficient Operations

Human Capital Productivity

Proven Value From Nearly 16,000 Banking and Finance Learners

At Strategy Execution, we link learning investments with improved business performance. In a recent survey, we polled 15,943 learners from the banking and finance industry who have trained with us since 2010 to determine how their training in project-related areas has impacted their business performance. The numbers speak volumes.

Why Strategy Execution?
Our Clients' Track Record

Strategy Execution has been delivering an extensive suite of customised project management training to the world's leading financial services organisations since 1984. We have assisted clients across all sectors of the financial services industry in improving efficiency, project success, and their bottom line through our broad delivery of training modalities and curricula.

When you partner with us, you get more than the best project management training the industry has to offer. The partnership includes a comprehensive support suite of tools, services and insight to ensure operational excellence and ROI demonstration.

It is no coincidence that the largest financial services companies in the world use our services. Amongst others, our financial services clients are:Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan and Great Eastern Life Assurance, and many more. Trust Strategy Execution to do the same for you.

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