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Live Webinar

The Changing Role of the Business Analyst:
How Organisations Can Benefit from their Strategic Understanding and Leadership

About the Speaker: Dr. Pullan

Dr. Penny Pullan is a published author and one of our valued senior instructors. Dr. Pullan has many years experience of working with multinational organisations who are faced with high-risk and complex project and programme work.

She specialises in facilitation, project management, leadership, change management, risk management and business analysis. She is also an expert in talking about and explaining complex topics in a straight-forward and engaging way.

  Thursday 26 January 2017
  12:00 GMT / 13:00 CET / 16:00 GST (Gulf Standard Time)
  50 mins followed by a Live Q&A

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This webinar, for both organisational leaders and practising business analysts, will explore how organisations can tap into their existing business analysis expertise and how business analysts can develop their own leadership and strategic skills to step up to this broader role and deliver even more value.

Organisations today face a rapidly changing world:

But many organisations already have a cadre of leaders who understand and can deal with all this and help organisations to survive and thrive in this new, changing world. Most organisations just don’t know it yet. Who are these leaders? Look no further than your Business Analysts!

The discipline of business analysis has grown and evolved over recent years. Twenty years ago, business analysts focused mainly on project requirements. Nowadays, their expertise and skills can help organisations to work collaboratively towards improved performance, organisational agility and innovation across the enterprise.

We now see the experienced Business Analysts contributing a vital role in strategy planning, goal setting and strategy execution.